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Here's an example I made of a meme with a message
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Dylan Prichett-Ettner

This images is very important because its something that I've never seen before, and other people probably haven't seen a single atom picture photo before, and it just looks really beautiful, something that I've never seen before, the color, size everything bout it is mind blowing.


These are my fave three foods, German pancake, Dragon Rolls, and Lasagna.

fed 5th

1. A filter to me is something that can change how your picture looks, feels, it can change the texture of the photo which makes it very helpful when you want to change your photo up. 2. Coming up with a theme is up to you, a filter can determine on what you use maybe by your style of shooting, if it's in the day time or night, really just depends on what you're shooting.
3. You can really do anything to a raw image, shooting raw you get a higher quality picture which helps with editing because you get the higher quality editing.
I really like how Michael is doing depressing photos, I think people need to see how many people live there day to day life. Thats important so that stood out for me.